Comparison To Other Brands

We’re often asked how our units compare to other brands, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of reasons why you should choose Austin Air over other models.

Cost compared to other brands

Don't be fooled by lower priced brands on the retail shelf.  Those brands usually contain filters that require costly filter replacements every 6 months to a year, or are made with filters that are inferior to Austin Air. When you compare costs of brands of air purifiers, you should look at the cost at least over a 5 year period, because many brands that cost less at the retail level do not tell you that they require expensive filter replacements every 6 months.  Austin Air’s purifiers contain filters that last up to 5 years.  When considering the cost of filter replacements, the true cost of a competitor’s air purifier can be almost 5 times the cost of an Austin Air purifier.  Nothing beats an Austin Air cleaner.  Superb performance, unsurpassed quality, the best warranties and exceptional value.  It is why the Austin Air cleaner is America's favorite and is rated #1 in the world today.

Uses CDC, EPA, and WHO Recommended Technology

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a number of air purifying technologies have been promoted, all claiming to either remove or destroy pollutants, including viruses. But guidelines from the EPA, the CDC, and the WHO are clear. HEPA and carbon filters, like those used in an Austin Air purifier, are the only air filtration technologies proven to be safe and effective.

CSA Approved

All Austin Air products are CSA approved. This ensures Austin Air purifiers comply with North American standards, including ANSI (American National Standards Institute), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation).

CSA approval guarantees our products meet standards for performance and safety.

60 Square Feet of Medical-Grade HEPA To Trap Airborne Viruses

Our filters use 60 sq. ft. of medical-grade HEPA for the removal of viruses (including COVID-19) and other airborne contaminants. Our competitors often use HEPA filtration too but not in the quantity we do. Using 60 sq. ft. guarantees a long filter life of up to 5 years and exceptional cleaning capacity.

Up to 15lbs Of Activated Carbon to Capture Chemicals, Gases, VOCs, and Odors

We use a unique blend of activated carbon in our filters, for the safe and effective removal of chemicals, gases, VOCs, and odors. Activated carbon is often used in other air purifiers, however, they do not use anything close to 15lbs. This is why, in tests carried out by Wirecutter Magazine, Austin Air was the only air purifier able to effectively remove VOCs from the environment.

Uses Zeolite to Trap Toxic Gases and Odors Such as Formaldehyde, Ammonia, and Carbon Monoxide

Similar to carbon, zeolite has the ability to adsorb gases, VOCs, chemicals, and odors. By using a combination of both carbon and zeolite in our filters, we are able to boost the performance of the filter and increase its cleaning capacity.

Uses A Military-Grade HEGA Carbon Cloth to Capture and Deactivate Airborne Viruses

HEGA is short for High-Efficiency Gas adsorption and is unique to Austin Air purifiers. First developed by the British military, this military-grade carbon cloth is made by weaving carbon into a cloth. This provides an extremely large surface area for the adsorption of pollutants. Recent studies show it is highly effective at capturing, retaining, and destroying viral particles such as COVID-19. Furthermore, it also removes contaminants such as bacteria, VOCs, and gases.

Clinical Studies to Support Claims

Over the years we have been involved in a number of independent clinical trials to prove the efficacy of our air purifiers. Working with some of the country’s leading institutions, including Johns Hopkins and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Austin Air purifiers are clinically proven to improve asthma and allergy symptoms, reduce the number of visits to the ER for children with asthma, lower blood pressure, and remove pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide and PM2.5 from the environment. No other air purifier has been independently tested in this way.

Mass Production in The United States with Fast FREE Shipping

For more than 30 years we have been based in Buffalo, NY. All our units are manufactured and shipped from our site in Buffalo, this guarantees a reliable service, with fast FREE shipping.

Filter Life Up To 5 Years

Using an unrivaled 60 sq. ft. of medical-grade HEPA and up to 15lbs of activated carbon guarantees a long filter life of up to 5 years. Many of our competitors require regular filter changes every few months, which can be costly.

Durable Solid Steel Construction (Instead of Plastic)

The outer casing of our units is made using solid steel, not plastic, like so many of our competitors. This guarantees extreme durability and makes Austin Air the only choice for high-traffic areas such as schools and offices.

Side Exit Vent Versus Top Vent to Create Circular Air Flow/Redistribution

Our units are designed to blow air from a side exit vent, rather than a top vent. This ensures a circular flow of clean air that is easily distributed across an entire room and not just the space around the unit.

Nontoxic Powder-Coated Paint That Does Not Create Other Contaminants

Austin Air purifiers use powder-coated paint, which is baked on, this stops other contaminants from being released back into the environment. Other companies use plastic products and/or spray paint, which can emit harmful gases.

Does Not Produce Off-Gassing

Using a combination of solid steel and a nontoxic powder-coated paint finish guarantees there is no off-gassing when using an Austin, this is not guaranteed when plastics and standard paint finishes are used.

Does Not Utilize Electronic, Ionizing, UVGI, and PCO Air Cleaning Technologies That Produce Harmful Ozone

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding these types of air cleaning technologies. Despite manufacturer claims, this type of technology remains unproven. Some models have even been shown to produce dangerous levels of ozone and other by-products. And those that do comply with ozone emission levels still produce some ozone, which may increase over time. This raises the question, is any level of ozone acceptable? Most experts would say no. This is why here at Austin Air we only use technology recommended by the CDC, the EPA, and the WHO. HEPA and carbon filters are the only filter technology proven to remove contaminants from the air, effectively and safely, with zero risk of other emissions.