Our Story

     Our belief in the performance of Austin Air Systems is personal.  We first became acquainted with Austin Air Systems about 18 years ago, when our then 5- year-old daughter became repeatedly sick with upper respiratory infections.  Our allergist recommended an Austin Air purifier for her bedroom until we found the source of the problem.  The Austin Air purifier helped her a great deal.  We tore up carpeting, tore down wallpaper, but it is in the attic that we found the major problem.  There was mold from one end in the attic to the other, with the largest concentration over her bedroom.  She is allergic to mold.  We remediated the roof, but kept the Austin Air purifier.  The machine continued to help our daughter through the regular allergy seasons.

            Fast forward to college.  Freshman year, our daughter’s dormitory roommate came from a family with cats.  Our daughter is allergic to cats.  The cat dander came with the roommate – on her clothing, on her bedding, on her personal items.  It was everywhere.  Pretty soon, the Austin Air HealthMate moved in to the dormitory room to clean the air, and it did a terrific job.  The Austin Air HealthMate continued to keep our daughter healthy when she moved into the sorority house, and then when she moved into her own apartment.  The big bonus was that during her entire tenure in college we did not have to bother her with ever changing the air filter.  It lasted the entire 4 years, and then some, giving us peace of mind. 

            Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic.  I learned to love Pilates, and was taking classes.  My Pilates teacher decided to get a dog.  I have many allergies, the worst of which is dog dander.  We’re talking about hives in the form of welts, eyes swelling shut, and difficulty breathing.  I was sure this was the end of Pilates for me.  I was already having difficulty breathing after the dog arrived within a few minutes of class.  I called my doctor.  She said to start using antihistamines and inhalers before going to Pilates class, but that I probably would have to either give up Pilates or find another teacher who does not have a dog.  Remembering that Austin Air helped my daughter at home and at school, I called Austin Air’s corporate office in New York and asked whether an Austin Air Purifier would eliminate dog dander in the Pilates studio.  I was told that a HealthMate Plus, or any of the Austin Air purifiers, would not only easily eliminate the dog dander in the air, but it would also completely clean all of the air in the room up to 15 times per hour.  I did not believe for a minute that this would resolve the problem, because my dog allergy is so severe. I vowed that if by some miracle this HealthMate Plus performed as I was told, I would ask to become an authorized dealer. I did not believe it would work for such a severe allergy, but was willing to try anything.  I purchased the Austin Air HealthMate Plus, put it in my Pilates teacher’s studio, and asked her to run it on high for a day, and medium or low thereafter.  When I returned for my lesson, I was completely and utterly surprised that I did not have a single allergic symptom, and that is true to this day.  If Austin Air could help our daughter, and could help me, I am confident that it could help you too.  If it did not work for us, we would not be offering to sell it to you. 

Wishing you clean air to breath,

Jill and Stewart

Allergy Solutions Air Purifiers